Compass seeks artists and creatives to collaborate on the creative transformation of their festival space, ready for this autumn’s festival The Compass of Desire! We seek to transform the festival space into a dynamic, interactive and fabulous world, in which aspects of the theme of desire are explored and developed. This space will provide the backdrop for the festival programme of performance, a cultural extravaganza of film, performance, music and poetry.

Whether you would like to work on an individual installation, work as part of a team, or have an existing piece you would like to include, we are interested in hearing from you. Whether you would like to develop an idea alone, or be part of a creative process that explores a range of ideas, we can accommodate you.

The festival runs from 25th Sept – 4 Oct, but the space will be available from the beginning of Sept at the very latest, to begin the build. Compass Film CIC is a not-for profit organisation run entirely by volunteers. Whilst the creative roles described will be voluntary, there will be limited budget available for materials Please send proposals/ ideas/ questions to