The two night collaboration between Compass and The Motorcycle Showroom draws near...

"A night of auditory audacity, visual decadence and experimental aerial performance. Come on a journey through immersive artistic incursions and experimental live mixes of Avant-Gardism and modern extortionist psychedelia"

OCD (Live art instillation)


"A double bill of film with full composed live scores. Visual art meets documentary in Tri Hita Karana. Silent cult classic The Seashell and the Clergyman is transformed by live experimental instrumentation"

21:00 - The Seashell and the Clergymen - scored by Minima
22:00 - Tri Hita Karana - scored by Prymedia

Colden Drystone
Um Zimbra Limb

Weekend ticket £10

The Motorcycle Showroom
15-19 Stokes Croft
Bristol, BS1 3PY

Tickets available from the Bristol Ticket Shop
0117 929 9008

“The stage revealed another, a hideous recognition, a violent repose that burned itself onto my retina and lodged itself into a memory that has always been there, since it all began.”
Unknown 1846

Doppelgänger is the long awaited collaboration between Compass and The Motorcycle Showroom, which begins its roots its ideas in the macabre and unsettling manifestation of an exact double of living human: the doppelganger. Typically representing the alter ego or a dark paranormal bilocation, the event takes on these themes and builds a set around them.

Installations will merge into each other as the protagonists (you) negotiate the space, artistic incursions take on forms that derive from: artwork as doppelganger, the double and the mirror.

It will take you on a journey through immersive VJing, performance and experimental live improvised music, to a mix of Avant-Garde cinematography and modern extortionist psychedelic eye pain. It spews forth fiction into its playground for clashes of friction to be born out of nostalgia and hyper-modernity.

Only by involving yourself in the chaos will you truly begin to disrupt your senses.

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