Calling all creative and expressive film producers..

Five Minutes of Madness Call for Submissions!

Calling all creative and expressive film producers, flamboyant cultivators of the moving image!

Five Minutes of Madness challenges you to create and submit short films around the theme of Lunacy. Part of ‘The Festival of Lunacy’ Presented by Compass this year. Five Minutes of Madness will bring together film-makers from far and wide to exhibit their work here in Bristol.

We are exploring the realms of Lunacy in the broadest possible sense. Use as your muse anything inspired by this theme: notions of reality, the world of dreams, deviations from the quotidian, whether physical, psychological, or social; from filmic interpretations including experimental film, to mythical or historical interpretations. Judged by a panel of industry professionals, awards will be given for Best Film, Audience Award, Local Film-maker and Youth Award.

Entries must be no longer than five minutes in length. Submissions will be accepted in the following formats: DVD, Mini DV or as full quality DV QuickTime files.
For more information and an entry form email Entries must be sent to: Five Minutes of Madness, Compass Film CIC, 16 Cromer Road, BS6 6JX - no later than
Friday 1st October 2010.