Saturday 24th October - Five Minutes of Fire

Five Minutes of Fire: Short Film Competition
Cube Microplex - 20.00h
Plus Analysing Desire - an investigation
into the psychological theories of Desire

A night of five-minute cinematic treats, as entrants to the Compass short film competition explore the theme of desire in all its guises. Films will be judged by a panel of experts, with an audience award for your favourite. Come and fan the flames of creativity and see what today’s hottest filmmakers have to offer!

Analysing Desire
Graeme is a festival regular, holding forth each year about psychology, psychoanalysis, movies and his cat. A psychiatrist and psychotherapist with a longstanding love of cinema he will briefly review psychological theories of desire and link them to films in the festival. Erudition with fun!

(click here for the map to the Cube Multiplex)