Once again Compass will bring its magic to Shambala Festival..

This Shambala, the Compass team bring forth another diverse programme transforming their trademark sexy boudoir of velvet and voluptuousness into a devious Den of Masquerade! In a world of late night revelry, their in-house masked compares invite you to engorge yourselves in their programme of circus-freakery, visual-mastery, and party beats.

Here's a choice selection of those booked so far..

Troyka's Balkan rhythms, silent film with live piano accompaniment, slapstick sideshow performance and poetry from Adam Kamerling.

The 'gloriously disturbing' Slytones - a masked cabaret troupe of sinister clowns play Psychedelic Blues.

Prymedia- VJ installationists build a three dimensional light-emitting sculpture constructed of bike tires.

Ukulele collective The Rinky Dinks cover genres as diverse as metal, hip hop, house and pop, wrestling back all the best tunes from the ubiquitous guitar bands and paying homage to classic acts from The Cure to Johnny Cash.

Compass Jam Sessions 5 -7 daily, hosted by Stokes Croft Open Mic legend Ollie Dennison

Compares hailing from Invisible Circus to help the programme along with their masked cabaret interludes...

Plus watch out for the return of the sinister sideshow, Mr Wiggles the Clown

To check out the line-up and get your tickets, go to shambalafestival.org